Tapping into the power of youth for national construction and defence

Wednesday, 2019-12-11 13:15:47
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The youths always promote their pioneering and voluntary role. (Photo: thanhnien.vn)
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NDO – The eighth National Congress of the Vietnam Youth Federation (VYF) officially commenced in Hanoi today, December 11.

This is a great event and a unity festival of Vietnamese youths nationwide, marking a new development step of the VYF and youth movement. With the slogan “Vietnamese youths with patriotism, creativity, voluntariness, integration and development”, the Congress will continue to open up new directions for young people and the youth movement in the context of the country’s industrialisation, modernisation and deep integration into the international community as well as the fourth industrial revolution strongly impacting all areas of social life.

The Party and President Ho Chi Minh have always appreciated the role of the younger generations and have paid much attention to taking care of, fostering, educating and promoting all capabilities of the youths such that they can serve the revolutionary cause of the Party and nation and set themselves up in life and business. Many resolutions, policies and guidelines on youths were issued and brought efficiency in real life, contributing to enhancing the development of the youth movement and building foundations on which to support young people to set themselves up in business. In particular, the Resolution of the 12th National Party Congress defined the task of renewing the educational contents and methods of politics, ideology, tradition, revolutionary ideals, patriotism, morality, healthy lifestyle, and awareness of respecting and strictly complying with the Constitution and laws among younger generations. The Resolution also highlighted the necessity of suitable policies to create favourable environments and conditions for young people to study, research, work, entertain and improve their knowledge, skills and physical strengths; while encouraging them to nurture their dreams and aspirations and promote their pioneering and creative spirit to master modern science and technology.

Under the leadership of the Party, with the core role of the Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union Central Committee, the operation of the VYF and youth movement nationwide have gained important results during the 2014-2019 tenure, significantly contributing to the common achievements of the country. The union’s activities have been diverse, with the contents closely following the needs of young people and the practical situation at the grassroots level. The movement “I Love My Country” has been widely launched, encouraging, mobilising and attracting a large number of young people to show their patriotism through specific actions; as well as creating a good environment for them to strive to train, experience and promote their pioneering, voluntary and creative spirit in contributing to socio-economic development and national defence. The campaigns, including "Youths emulate to train", “Youths emulate to dedicate to the country”, and “Youths live responsibly”, have had positive impacts on the younger generations’ sense of striving forward.

Most young people today are aware of their responsibilities to the Fatherland and people; always have confidence in the Party’s leadership and the country’s development; and are willing to sacrifice themselves for the sake of the nation and sovereignty. They always strive to work, study and train in all aspects; and have the will to overcome difficulties to establish business. The youths are compassionate with community and responsible with themselves, their families and society; and also have exemplary obedience to the laws.

However, there are young people who live without ideals, have degradation in morality and lifestyle, fall into social evils, and violate the laws. Many young people are unemployed or have unstable jobs; the rate of the youths with technical and professional qualifications remains low; and their ability to use foreign languages and skills is limited. The health, stature and physical condition of Vietnamese youths have been developed but are still not on a par with the region and the world. The cultural and spiritual life is not diverse for the majority of young people, especially the workers and those living in rural, remote and isolated areas and ethnic minority groups. Meanwhile, the renovation of the VYF’s methods of unifying and gathering young people has not been even across the levels, not yet meeting the rapid change of youth movements and social life. The Federation has not highlighted their roles in orienting young people as complicated issues related to their ideology, employment, and interests occurred, especially on social networks and internet. Many activities and programmes of the VYF at the grassroots level have not been very effective and were unsustainable, particularly in regards to guiding youths to live honestly and responsibly.

In the context of the global issues and complicated developments of the world situation, and increased position, strengths and prestige of Vietnam in the region and the world, the gathering and orientation of young people have become increasingly important and urgent, requiring the VYF to implement drastic measures as well as continue to renovate the contents and methods of its operation. Accordingly, it is essential to pay great attention to expanding the solidarity front, gathering the youths an ensuring its companying role to care and orient the ideology among them and create favourable conditions for them to train, dedicate and mature.

It is crucial to launch movements and campaigns to build a class of patriotic and brave young people who are good citizens, live responsibly and kind-heartedly, actively study, have aspirations to strive to establish their lives and business, and have deep knowledge of history, culture and tradition of the country.

The Party committees and authorities at all levels should continue to pay more attention to the development of the youths. It is essential to direct and create conditions for the VYF to develop their operation. The Ho Chi Minh City Communist Youth Union should continue to promote its core political role, closely coordinating with the VYF in gathering and unifying the youths.

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