Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia children’s festival opens in Ho Chi Minh City

Children from Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia gathered at a cultural exchange in Ho Chi Minh City on July 30, as part of an ongoing international exchange programme.

Chidren join the event.
Chidren join the event.

Visitors to the event were treated to special dances and music performances featuring the message of solidarity, peace and friendship, among the three countries.

The programme is taking place from August 10-14 with the participation of 184 children from the three countries.

The participants engaged in a wide range of activities to learn more about the traditional culture, history, language and development of the Indochinese nations.

The annual programme has been held by the Ho Chi Minh Municipal Youth Union since 2010, to strengthen solidarity and amity between Vietnamese, Lao and Cambodian children.