Gastronomy festival features unique delicacies from Khanh Hoa bird’s nests

Khanh Hoa Bird’s Nest Company launched the Khanh Hoa Bird’s Nest Food Festival 2024 in the central province of Khanh Hoa on June 14, with 22 teams from across the country.
Teams are making dishes. (Photo: PHONG NGUYEN)
Teams are making dishes. (Photo: PHONG NGUYEN)

The festival is part of a series of events of the 2024 Nha Trang Sea Tourism Festival themed “Bright Nha Trang Pearl Bay”.

The organising committee provided a budget of 1.5 million VND and 20 grams of refined bird’s nest to each team to make two dishes for four people. The main ingredients were typical products of the locality, such as Khanh Hoa bird’s nests, lobster, crab, sea cucumber, fish fin, sea grapes and others.

According to the organising board, bird’s nests have long been considered precious food, thanks to their high nutritional value and many valuable biological activities.

Deputy General Director of Khanh Hoa Bird’s Nest Company Trinh Thi Hong Van said that the festival aims to honour the quintessence of bird’s nest cuisine, helping consumers feel the nutritious value of natural bird’s nests from Khanh Hoa, as well as promoting the unique culinary culture of Khanh Hoa to domestic and international tourists.

On this occasion, the company presented five social houses, ten smart TVs and 60 scholarships worth over 500 million VND, for disadvantaged students with outstanding academic results.