Hung Yen focuses on power infrastructure development for industrialisation

As a province in the northern key economic region, with a rapid industrialisation rate, Hung Yen has always paid great attention to developing its power infrastructure to serve socio-economic development.
EVN Hung Yen workers are repairing the 22kV grid without cutting power.
EVN Hung Yen workers are repairing the 22kV grid without cutting power.

To meet the power demand, the province has assigned the relevant authorities to work with EVN Hung Yen, to focus on investing in, operating and managing the power grid effectively, ensuring a stable and safe supply of power.

Modernising power infrastructure for economic growth

Director of EVN Hung Yen Luong Minh Thanh said that with its current power infrastructure, the company has guaranteed a stable power supply for socio-economic development throughout the province, especially the supply of power for industrial customers.

During the 2021-2025 period, the company has invested billions of Vietnamese dong to develop the 110kV grid, including the construction of 17.2 kilometres of 110kV transmission lines and three substations, including the upgrade of three 110kV transformers with an additional capacity of 338MVA.

The company is also working on and preparing 14 projects on the 110kV grid while constructing and renovating hundreds of kilometres of medium-voltage and low-voltage transmission lines, and 223 distribution transformers with a total capacity of 69MVA, as well as several other projects.

EVN Hung Yen has taken measures to enhance the quality of customer service and reduce time for access to electricity by 2.68 days to 4.32 days. Information technology has been applied to the whole process of the power supply.

Hung Yen focuses on power infrastructure development for industrialisation ảnh 1

Inspecting the progress of the Kim Dong 2 110kV Substation in Kim Dong District.

The electricity measuring system has been modernised with over 365,000 electronic meters, accounting for 78% of the total number of meters. The proportion of meters collecting customer data remotely has reached 71.32%, while 100% of electricity contracts have been digitalised.

The implementation of the digitalisation roadmap has reached 91.53%, the rate of the power supply through electronic means is 98%, the rate of providing online services is 99% and the rate of online payment for electricity services is at 93%.

Notably, EVN Hung Yen is actively updating online data through on-site software applications, and providing electricity services through electronic means. On-site customer data is synced with the customer information management system and vice versa.

The company is also stepping up media campaigns to familiarise its customers with customer service websites and mobile apps, so that they can monitor their monthly power usage, track electricity bills and learn about power cuts and bill payment schedules.

Continuing investment in power infrastructure for industrialisation and modernisation

Hung Yen Province currently has 15 industrial parks, with a total area of 3,887 hectares and another 26 industrial clusters, with a total area of 1,256 hectares and three large urban zones under construction. The province has received over 2,000 domestic and foreign projects with registered capital totalling 11 billion USD.

Hung Yen is focusing on attracting large projects in advanced technology, supporting industries and digital technology, to create breakthroughs in development, so the demand for power during 2022-2025 and subsequent years in Hung Yen is projected to rise strongly.

To meet increased demand, Hung Yen Province has assigned functional authorities to work together on provincial planning, update the power development plan adopted by the Ministry of Industry and Trade and the Power Development Plan VIII into the power network plan, ensuring the inheritance of various plans when developing the power grid.

Hung Yen focuses on power infrastructure development for industrialisation ảnh 2

The Control Centre of EVN Hung Yen

Hung Yen will prioritise power grid development projects to meet the requirements of transforming Hung Yen into an industrial province and the rapid urbanisation of Van Giang District and My Hao Town, including the construction investment activities of industrial parks and clusters, especially the Ly Thuong Kiet Industrial Park and Urban Service Area.

In the time ahead, Hung Yen will accelerate the construction of the 110kV grid projects, including the 110kV transmission lines after the Yen My 220kV Substation, the 110kV transmission line of the Pho Cao-Hung Ha 220kV Substation, as well as the transmission lines and the Khoai Chau 2, Ngoc Long, Nhan Hoa, Yen My, Ly Thuong Kiet, Hung Yen City 2 and Tien Lu 110kV Substations.

The investment will be made in the transmission lines and 110kV substations throughout the province, especially in the major industrial parks and urban areas, and the districts of Yen My, Khoai Chau, Kim Dong and An Thi, where the Ly Thuong Kiet Industrial Park and Urban Service Area is being constructed.

At the same time, capital will be allocated to building and upgrading the projects that prevent the province’s grid overload, including the 110kV grid, the medium-voltage grid for new industrial parks and clusters, the medium-voltage and low-voltage grids in communes to meet the requirements of building advanced and exemplary new rural areas.