Lung Tung festival opens in Lai Chau province

Thai ethnic people in Than Uyen district, the northern province of Lai Chau, held their traditional new year festival of Lung Tung (Going to the field) on January 29, drawing crowds of local residents and visitors.
At the festival. (Photo: VNA)
At the festival. (Photo: VNA)

Highlights of the festival, marking the start of a new farming year, are rituals paying tribute to Han (a deity that helps the Thai fight against invaders and defend their territory) and the gods of the mountains and the forest.

Then, the government's and locals' representatives went to the field to perform the plowing and sowing rituals, hoping for a year of abundant harvest.

During the festival, visitors have a chance to participate in folk games, nem con (throwing a ball through a ring for good luck), crossbow shooting, tug of war and cultural exchanges.

Addressing the event, Tran Quang Chien, vice chairman of Than Uyen district’s People’s Committee said that Lung Tung festival is an opportunity to strengthen community bonds, preserving the fine traditional cultural values of ethnic groups and popularising the image of Than Uyen district to tourists.