Uncle Ho’s portrait made from 2,000 photos of lotus flowers

A portrait of President Ho Chi Minh, created from nearly 2,000 lotus flower photographs, is expected to be unveiled at the 2024 Hanoi Lotus Festival.
The portrait of Uncle Ho made from photos of lotus flowers.
The portrait of Uncle Ho made from photos of lotus flowers.

According to the organisers, with respect for President Ho Chi Minh and their love for lotus flowers, artists, entrepreneurs and researchers at the Institute of Art, Culture and Economics had planned to produce a glass portrait of Uncle Ho from lotus flowers.

The portrait measures 1.7 metres x 2.5 metres, made from 1,944 photos of lotus flowers from all over the country.

It also sports a QR code containing information about the meaning of the painting.

The work was created over six months through various stages, including outlining the idea, collecting lotus photos, arranging the images, digitalising photo data, converting to a glass material and finishing the final product.

The portrait will be displayed at the Tay Ho District Creativity Culture Space from July 12-16 and then presented to the Presidential Ho Chi Minh Historical Site for public viewing.