Vietnam Fine Arts Museum opens contemporary exhibition space

The Vietnam Fine Arts Museum in Hanoi, officially opened its exhibition space for contemporary fine arts, on February 25.

At the contemporary fine arts space (Photo: hanoimoi)
At the contemporary fine arts space (Photo: hanoimoi)

The space will feature 65 fine art works of different genres, such as paintings, graphics and sculptures, which were selected and collected over the past few years.

The displayed works were created from 1980, reflecting the artists’ multi-dimensional perspectives on living environment and social life.

The works send many meaningful messages of raising public awareness, to building a safe and healthy living environment, towards sustainable development.

They will also be updating the multimedia voiceover application of the Vietnam Fine Arts Museum, named iMuseum VFA, to give more information for viewers, both in person and online forms.

With the adjustment and expansion of the contemporary art space, the museum hopes that art lovers will have a better chance, to learn more about Vietnamese contemporary art.