A firm belief in a bright future

The year 2021 has passed with many changes in addition to numerous difficulties and challenges. It was the second year in which the whole world had to deal with the COVID-19 pandemic, as the disease continues to evolve complicatedly with new strains and high record of new cases spreading across most of the continents, causing many hardships to economies, including the world's leading ones. Ethnic conflicts and extreme violence still persist in many places. Poverty, injustice and climate change are still common challenges facing humanity.

A firm belief in a bright future

Domestically, the fourth wave of COVID-19 pushed many localities across the country to implement prolonged social distancing while production was stalled, supply chains were disrupted, key economic indicators declined, people's purchasing power plummeted while their living conditions were seriously affected, and unemployment rates increased.

Along with the internal inadequacies of the economy and the shortcomings and weaknesses in the leadership, management and administration of sectors, the deterioration of political ideology and ethics and lifestyle of a part of cadres and Party members become the concern of the entire Party and people.

In that context, with solidarity and high determination, the entire Party, people and army have exerted great efforts to overcome many difficulties and challenges to complete the set goals. Inflation was contained, the macro-economy changed positively, growth was maintained at a reasonable level, social security was ensured, national defence and security were enhanced. Vietnam's position in the international arena has been enhanced. The economy has step by step overcome the tumultuous difficulties of 2021 to have greater expectations for the new year 2022 - the year identified as the starting point for the economic recovery cycle.

The year 2021 also marked many positive imprints on Party building and rectification, consolidating the political system, and fighting against corruption, wastefulness, bureaucracy and negativity. Serious and complicated corruption and economic cases have been handled very resolutely and strictly in accordance with the Party's regulations and the State's laws, with no restricted areas. The Resolution of the 13th Party Congress has created a large political activity, bringing about initial changes, especially in awareness, and acted as a deterrent and warning to many people.

The Year of the Tiger has come. As the difficulties and challenges facing the country have not been reduced, and are even still harsh in some aspects, the task is very heavy and requires the whole Party, people and army to continue to renew their development thinking, with more decisive and effective actions in order to overcome difficulties and turn challenges into opportunities, while making good use of achievements of the fourth industrial revolution as well as applying information technology and drastically implementing digital transformation. In addition, it is necessary to strengthen the construction and rectification of the Party and the political system, especially in building governments at all levels that are truly clean, strong, effective and efficient.

Properly assessing the situation, setting the right direction and solutions, having a consolidated organisational structure and contingent of cadres, and the synergy of the entire political system, there is a complete foundation to believe that the country will gradually overcome all difficulties and challenges, continue to successfully implement the Resolution of the 13th Party Congress, and strive to successfully complete the goals and tasks of the socio-economic development plan in 2022 and the five years period from 2021-2025.

Closing a tumultuous year, we are proud of our achievements and have the right to hope for a bright future. Under the banner of the Party, the consensus and synergy of the entire Party, the people, the army and the whole political system, there are no difficulties or challenges that can prevent our nation from moving forward, making new milestones and achievements in the cause of national construction and development.

Vietnam welcomes Lunar New Year 2022 with a firm belief in a bright future!