Online fine art exhibition recalls Vietnam’s resistance war against US imperialism

An exhibition recalling Vietnam’s resistance war against US imperialism, officially launched online on April 17 via the website and the fanpage of the Vietnam Fine Arts Museum. The event aims to mark the 45th anniversary of southern liberation and Vietname’s national reunification day (April 30, 1975-2020).

A painting introduced at the online exhibition (Source:
A painting introduced at the online exhibition (Source:

The exhibits consist of 15 unique paintings and sculptures collected by the Vietnam Fine Arts Exhibition. They were created by various painters who were directly on the battlefields or witnessed historical moments when the country reunified.

With diverse materials, including wood, lacquer, oil paint and silk, the fine art works highlight the resistance of the Vietnamese army and people against the US imperialists..

The exhibition is expected to help viewers learn more about the glorious victories and feats of arms of the country as well as pay tribute to those who sacrificed their lives for national independence.

The event also contributes to inspiring patriotism and national pride amongst the younger generations.