Opportunity to work for people with disabilities

Supporting people with disabilities in being independent

Tuesday, 2022-07-05 14:32:23
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Tran Duc Thang, a staff member at Simple Coffee, introducing Evan to the store's coffee machine features and usage.
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NDO - Imago Work, a vocational training project for people with disabilities, was born with the aim of helping people with disabilities become more confident, feel their worth, and be able to contribute to society. Imago Work will equip them with life skills, social skills, a little English, and work skills.

Vocational skills class with teacher Nguyen Thi Nhung and students

Social skills class with teacher Le Bich Van, teaching how to buy and sell everyday items.

Students review in the classroom during self-study time.

Students of the internship at the InterContinental Westlake.

The first students of the Imago Work project with the founders and teachers at the graduation ceremony.