Vietnam issues new guidelines on adapting safely to COVID-19

Wednesday, 2021-10-13 17:20:53
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Vietnam is looking to return to a new normal state.
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NDO - The government has issued temporary guidelines for adapting safely and flexibly to and effectively controlling the COVID-19 pandemic as Vietnam is looking to return to a new normal state.

The guidelines aim to provide maximum protection for the people, minimise infections and deaths and restore socio-economic development in order to take the country to a new normal as soon as possible.

Under the new guidelines, there will be four levels of risks, denoted by the green, yellow, orange and red colours, which correspond to low, medium, high and very high risks.

The criteria to assess the risk level are the ratio of new infections, the vaccination rate and healthcare facilities’ capacity to receive and treat COVID-19 patients.

Depending on the risk level, to be determined by the provincial governments, various activities will be allowed to take place, restricted or suspended.

In case of a change of the risk level, the authorities must inform the public 48 hours in advance.

The guidelines are to be applied consistently throughout the country and will supersede the previous decrees issued by the Prime Minister on preventing the spread of COVID-19.