Exhibition "Hung Kien" - unique installation art in sculpture

A solo exhibition named "Hung Kien" is taking place at the Vietnam Fine Arts Museum in Hanoi, from August 22-28, introducing visitors to unique modern installations that reflect the natural life of ants.

At the exhibition:
At the exhibition:

The exhibition features selected works of young sculptor Nguyen Manh Hung (also known as Hung Kien).

Nguyen Manh Hung was born in 1987 in Ha Hoa District, Phu Tho Province. Having graduated from Vietnam University of Fine Arts, he participated in the exhibition "Insects" (many authors) at the Vietnam National Institute of Culture and Arts in 2018 and a group exhibition in 2019.

About 30 works are on display at the exhibition.

In this exhibition, he has arranged his ant colonies with both queens and worker ants to express the social relations of ants as complex as the society of humans.

Ants in his works look very strong, evoking masculinity with the jet-black colour of metal. They first look a little bit cold and unemotional in appearance but upon closer inspection viewers will find they are hiding strength and sacrifice.

"The image of an ant makes people think of the human condition in the midst of modern life, with thousands of burdens on their shoulders but always trying to overcome them.", he shared.

The sculptures with the arrangement of ants are arranged according to the ideas and layout to impress visitors.

Hung said that the process of creating the idea to creating the work was a great feat. From the rolling iron, cutting out each 4-5 cm piece, then cutting and welding to shape and soldering the surface.

Exhibition "Hung Kien" - unique installation art in sculpture ảnh 1

A work at the exhibition

He said he wanted to use the visual language of sculpture to convey his thoughts and feelings, exalting the beauty of metal as well as praising the enduring labour process of people.