Fostering Vietnam - Japan trust and effective cooperation

Japanese Prime Minister Kishida Fumio is paying an official visit to Vietnam at the invitation of Vietnamese Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh.

PM Pham Minh Chinh (right) presents souvenirs to Japanese Prime Minister Kishida Fumio at their informal meeting on April 30 evening. (Photo: VNA)
PM Pham Minh Chinh (right) presents souvenirs to Japanese Prime Minister Kishida Fumio at their informal meeting on April 30 evening. (Photo: VNA)

This is the first official visit of the Japanese Prime Minister to Vietnam since he took office in October last year and is also a response to PM Chinh’s official visit to Japan in November 2021.

The visit takes place in the context that Vietnam and Japan have been making preparations to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the diplomatic relations in 2023. The two countries’ extensive strategic partnership for peace and prosperity in Asia was established in 2014 and has developed constantly, with the trust and high efficiency across the fields. Vietnam and Japan have maintained sincere, friendly, reliable, substantive and effective exchanges.

The two sides have given priority to strengthening cooperation in a number of key fields, especially economy and healthcare. Japan is a leading economic partner and the first country in the G7 group to recognise the market economy of Vietnam as well as the largest ODA provider, the third largest tourism partner and the fourth largest trading partner of Vietnam. Japan has actively supported Vietnam in COVID-19 prevention and control while providing Vietnam with non-refundable aid for vaccines, medical equipment and supplies.

Their security-defence cooperation has continued to be deepened; meanwhile, cooperation in healthcare, labour, agriculture, science-technology, digital transformation, education-training and climate change response, has also been implemented actively and made many strides. The cooperation between localities and cultural and people-to-people exchanges have also been enhanced. The two countries have coordinated with each other at regional and international forums to support and promote economic linkages and multilateral cooperation. Vietnam has supported Japan in promoting its role in the region and the world while working with Japan to contribute to the peace, stability, cooperation and development in the region.

During Vietnamese Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh’s official visit to Japan in November 2021, the two countries adopted a Joint Statement “Towards opening a new phase of the Vietnam-Japan Extensive Strategic Partnership for Peace and Prosperity in Asia”, creating a new driving force to elevate their relations. During Prime Mininister Kishida Fumio’s first visit to Vietnam, the leaders will discuss specific measures to accelerate the implementation of the above important document.

Prime Minister Kishida Fumio has sympathies and good relations with Vietnamese senior leaders. He has visited Vietnam many times in various positions and made great contributions to boosting Vietnam – Japan relationship to an extensive strategic partnership. The Japanese Prime Minister’s visit continues to contribute to strengthening the political trust between Vietnam and Japan and the good relationship between the two countries' senior leaders on the basis of on the basis of sincere affection and trust. The visit will also contribute to developing the two countries’ cooperation in a substantive and effective manner in all fields, meeting the interests and aspirations of the two peoples.

Welcoming Japanese Prime Minister Kishida Fumio is an important step in continuing synchronous implementation of Vietnam’s foreign policy of independence, self-reliance, peace, friendship, cooperation and development, as affirmed at the 13th National Party Congress. It also demonstrates Vietnam’s deep international integration as consolidating and strengthening its relations with countries and partners of Vietnam.

The important external event continues to affirm that Vietnam always considers Japan one of the most important partners with a high priority position in Vietnam's foreign policy as well as share views on issues of mutual concern and strengthen coordination with Japan at regional and international forums. Vietnam will continue to work with Japan to make contributions to the pace, stability, cooperation and development in the region and the world.

May the Japanese Prime Minister’s official visit to Vietnam be a great success, contributing to strengthening political trust and deepening the substantive and effective cooperation between Vietnam and Japan.