‘Korea Night’ programme introduces new tourist routes in RoK

The Korean Tourism Organisation (KTO) of the Republic of Korea (RoK) in Vietnam launched the programme ‘Korea Night’ on September 9 within the framework of the ongoing 16th Ho Chi Minh City International Tourism Expo to boost tourism in the country.
RoK travel photo exhibition at Korea Night
RoK travel photo exhibition at Korea Night

The event saw the participation of relevant agencies from Vietnam and RoK along with nearly 200 representatives of travel agencies and press agencies. The programme aims to provide more detailed information about new tourist routes in RoK that can be implemented in the near future.

In addition to familiar destinations in the capital city of Seoul, the RoK is promoting unique local tourist attractions in Gangwon Province, Busan City, Jeju Island, and others to increase diversity for tourism products.

KTO Chief Representative Lee Jae Hoon said: “Through this Korea Night programme, we would like to introduce new destinations for tourism agencies and press to build new RoK tourism products after the epidemic. In the coming time, we will also actively boost promotion activities with airlines and travel agencies in Vietnam to quickly recover the tourism market.”

The KTO introduces many new Korean tourist routes in various forms such as exhibition booths and consultations, experience areas, and the organisation of both online and offline games.

In particular, to stimulate tourism demand, the KTO also launched a programme to present gifts to customers who buy RoK tourism products or air tickets to RoK during the expo.