Young physicians launch digital transformation activities

The Vietnam Young Physicians’ Association (VYPA) has announced digital transformation activities and launched a programme named “Health digital start-up Clinic4.0”.
The Health digital start-up Clinic4.0” programme launched (Photo: VNA)
The Health digital start-up Clinic4.0” programme launched (Photo: VNA)

President of the VYPA Central Committee Ha Anh Duc said that health is one of the eight priorities of the national digital transformation programme approved by the Government, and in 2023, his association will carry out a wide range of activities to support young doctors during the digital transformation process of the sector.

Clinic4.0 aims to assist doctors and physicians who wish to open private clinics and start up business in the healthcare sector, thus helping them optimise the operation process, master technology and promote the value of modern technology in health care.

It is expected to not only benefit VYPA members nationwide, but also support a large number of people in primary health care, contributing to reducing the risk of fatality, and the burden of diseases.