Campaign launched to raise awareness on breast cancer screening

The Cancer Patient Support Fund (CPSF) under the Ministry of Health and its partners launched a campaign on October 18 to raise awareness on breast cancer screening among women.
The launch of a campaign on breast cancer screening.
The launch of a campaign on breast cancer screening.

According to the Vietnam National Cancer Hospital, the detection rate of early-stage breast cancer has reached over 70% in recent years while the breast cancer survival rate has also reached 70%, equivalent to that of advanced countries in the region and world.

Under this year’s programme, free breast cancer screening will be provided to 3,400 women at five hospitals and three community sites from October 18 to November 20.

As part of the campaign, the CPSF released a book on the toughness, bravery and confidence of cancer patients as well as the encouraging words of health workers who have accompanied and lent more strength to the patients.

The book also provides useful information to help prevent breast cancer and battle the disease bravely.

Speaking at the launch ceremony, Deputy Minister of Health called on the community to join hands to push back against breast cancer, with enterprises and organisations adding breast cancer screening to the regular medical check-up programme for women above 40.

Cancer is becoming a burden of countries in the world, including Vietnam, with breast cancer being the most common type of cancer in women.

Each year Vietnam records 21,000 new cases of breast cancer, and the age of patients is becoming younger.

Breast cancer screening is particularly important as the survival rate can be as high as 90% if the disease is detected early.