Northern Power Corporation urged to ensure adequate power supply

Deputy Prime Minister Trinh Dinh Dung has asked the Northern Power Corporation to ensure a reliable power supply to meet development needs while attending the company’s 50th founding anniversary.

Deputy PM Trinh Dinh Dung speaking at the event (Photo: VGP)
Deputy PM Trinh Dinh Dung speaking at the event (Photo: VGP)

He stated that the company needs to apply technological advances to modernise the power system, develop the smart grid and improve customer service.

Also known as EVNNPC, a subsidiary of the state power utility EVN, the company was founded in October 1969 as the Power Company and is now managing the power systems in 27 provinces and cities in the northern and north-central regions.

Speaking at the anniversary ceremony held on October 4, Deputy PM Dung also asked EVNNPC to improve its business administration and facilitate the formation of a competitive power market.

He emphasised that as Vietnam is pushing for industrialisation and modernisation, it is a must to ensure an adequate power supply for production to meet the people’s daily needs.

EVNNPC is operating the largest power system among EVN’s five power distribution corporations with 254 110-kV substations with a total power of 19,000 MVA and nearly 9,000 kilometres of 110-kV transmission lines.

The company is supplying over 70 billion kWh annually to over 11 million households.

With its significant contributions to socio-economic development, EVNNPC has been awarded the Labour Order, first class.