Vietnamese students experience Japan's traditional cultural values

Many students from schools in Hanoi and officials of the Japanese Embassy and the Japan Foundation Centre for Cultural Exchange in Vietnam attended the Everest Sakura Festival held in Hanoi, on March 18.
Students and parents experience Japanese calligraphy.
Students and parents experience Japanese calligraphy.

The festival aims to create opportunities for parents, students and people who love Japan's landscape and culture to learn and experience the unique values and beauty of traditional Japanese culture.

The event also created opportunities for cultural exchange between the two countries.

Within the festival, participants had the chance to enjoy many unique cultural activities such as Yosakoi dance, Ikebana – the art of flower arrangement; Japanese cuisine; Japanese calligraphy; Paper folding (Origami), and a travel corner.

Kamitani Naoko, First Secretary, Head of the Press and Culture Department of the Japanese Embassy in Vietnam, said that the festival, held on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Vietnam – Japan, is a meaningful and practical activity.